Monday, October 15, 2018

Spider Web Crafts

Fall is on steroids at my house right now. Homeschooling a 2nd grader and a kindergartner is craft intensive. This week we are focusing on making some fun spooky spiderweb crafts. Specifically, painted glue and salt webs and a fun paper plate yarn weaving web. Both are super easy, and the kids had so much fun! Bonus points for me having all of the materials already on hand. For the glue and salt web you will need: 1. Glue 2. Salt 3. Thick Construction Paper 4. Watercolor Paint and brushes 5. Cookie Sheet Draw out a spiderweb pattern on your paper. Make sure that there is a little extra space between your lines because you don’t want the glue to run together and make a big blob. Then lay your paper in the cookie sheet and sprinkle generously with salt. Make sure to cover ever inch of the web. Pick up the paper and tap it in the cookie sheet to knock off loose salt. Let dry over night. When dry simply paint in any style you wish. The girls loved the way the salt sucked up and spread the paint! For the Paper plate webs you will need: 1. Paper Plate 2. Black tempera paint 3. Hole punch 4. Yarn 5. Pom pom 6. Ribbon First paint the plate black. When dry cut out a large circle in the middle. Take the hole punch and punch a bunch of holes around the edge. My girls kept asking for more and more hole. Then you simply weave the yarn back and forth through the wholes in whatever pattern that they want. We then glued some ribbon on our pom pom and glued the “spider” into the web. And just like that your house is decorated for Halloween. Right???

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