Monday, August 29, 2011

Being a Mom is Hard Work!

I have almost thrown my back out this week. I don't think I have ever been this sore in my whole life. And I have a tyrant to take care of. But what a cute tyrant she is.
Bug has almost learned to crawl. She will be 7 months next week. I cannot believe how big and strong she is getting. And now that she is slow yet mobile I realized something. Well 2 things actually. 1) our house is currently and will remain, a construction zone. 2) there is no way to baby proof a construction zone. I never knew something so small could be so evil. Boundary pusher. She gets close to something she knows she isn't supposed to have like an extension cord and will look over to see if I am watching. Then slowly put her hand out while gageing my reaction. If I say no don't touch, owie, bad, or yucky she starts to smile really big and wait for me to look away before repeating it all over again. So friggin hard not to laugh.
We have been enjoying this last week together so much. Couple of days just her and I playing in the sunshine. Then family time for a few days. I even stole my 11 year old niece for an overnight help out session. She held bug and followed me around while I tackled projects that have been put off for to long, like the laundry and washing Windows. All in all a pretty great week.

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