Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sprinkler Alarm

Bug has not been sleeping well. She starts off in her crib for 3 or 4 hours but round 1am ever night she wakes up and screams until we go collect yet for her first night time feeding. I usually fall alseep during this and wake round 4 am to put her back in her crib for another 3 hours. But this last week she hasn't slept between being put in our bed and being indignantly ejected from our bed. She has decided beating me is more fun then sleep. So she slaps, pinches, kicks, bites, flails, and gnaws on me instead. I sleep through most of this.
Until last night. Growing up with hillbilly parents I am not unaccustomed to sleeping out in the open night air. In my sleepy stupor last night I thought I was outside and it was raining. When I pulled myself awake I realized I was in bed. On my back. With my breast shooting milk straight up and back down in my face. Wtf! So not fair.

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