Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tis The Season

I love this time of year! First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then my wedding anniversary(Christmas eve), then Christmas, and last but not least New Years. And now that I have a daughter my holiday spirit is in hyperdrive. We have a cute little table top tree. All of Bugs presents are here and ready. Her stocking is stuffed. Next week we are set to go meet our local Santa and take a ride in a horse and carriage. I can't wait!
On the development front Bug is actually walking now. On her own. Little Miss don't touch me I got this! She spends half her time teetering from one place to the other and the rest of the time screaming from falling over and hitting something. I'm seriously considering a helmet. She will not let us help her. And I can only pad so many corners.
Also after our most awful Doctors experience we went to the health department and started Bug on an immunization schedule I feel comfortable with. My sister came with me for support because Hubby had to work. And after stating my request for only two shots and my reason why and not backing down the visit went great. Bug stopped crying the second the nurse let her go and never showed a hint of side effect. I even let her sleep with us all night to make sure. Finally something went medically right for us.
Now that I have gone on and on I will be a complete ass and ask a favor of my readers. If you enjoy my blog and come back to read on a regular basis please take the time to click the link and become a follower. It would help me to know who my readers are, I would get a better idea of what you want to know about my life and make me feel less like an aimless rambler. Thank you all so much. Happy Holidays!

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  1. A ride in a horse and carriage -- that sounds so cool! My son's super into vintage cars and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when my dad told him that that was how his grandfather's generation had to get around, because cars hadn't been invented yet. I wish there were somewhere around here we could do that..