Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Country Living

We wake up, have a little cuddle and giggle, then I strap her into a bounce chair while she watches classical baby. It gives me time to make coffee, feed the dogs and cats, and wash a few dishes. Then we settle down on Tue couch for her breakfast and I read the news. We read a book, then she goes down for her nap. I pick up the living room and eat scrambled eggs. She wakes up and we go down to the garden to water and see what's blooming maybe pull a few weeds and let her play with the windchime. We feed and play with the chickens. Spray each other with the hose then come inside out of the hot sun. Bug has some tummy time while I fold clothes and sing her songs. I break out the bubbles and she watches them float around her in awe. Down for another nap while I try to figure something out for dinner. I'm hate cooking. It's been so hot its bbq again. Daddy gets home and I get to take a long shower before I give her a bath and she has some time with daddy . They rock and sing in the glider. He reads her curious George. Then its bedtime for her while hubby and I talk about our day. Maybe play some cards and then we turn in for the night. We don't accomplish much but I have never been happier.

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  1. Sounds like you accomplished quite a bit with a little one! Have you thought about using a crock pot? most are more energy efficiant then they used to be. That way you throw your meat in and some veggies or meat and noodles or rice and it doesn't make a lot of heat in the house.

    When it's hot out I have an old crockpot I use for making my laundry and dish soap so I don't heat the house.