Friday, July 22, 2011

Sleep Torture, I mean Training.

Wow, my first blog how exciting! This is the week that my husband and I (mostly him) decided we want our bed back. We spent a lot of hard earned money on a queen temperpedic mattress a couple years ago not thinking of kids or cosleeping and frankly my family has outgrown it. We received a beautiful and expensive crib as a present from fairy godmother when we found out I was expecting our little bug. She is now 5 1/2 months and will not sleep in it. Ever. We call her the velcro baby which is fine with me after 4 days of labor (YES 4 WHOLE DAYS) and an emergency csection I'm just happy she loves me. But my hubby wants like room to rollover in his bed and selfishness like that, so we are trying a modified version of the cry it out. Basically its called that because the whole time she is awake and screaming I'm setting on the couch crying hysterically. 1st day she never stopped crying. after an hour of straight crying for both of us I admit defeat and took her to bed with me. 2nd day after 45 min she went to sleep, less then an hour later and cried until I picked her up. 3rd night cried for 50min but stayed asleep for two hours. Lasting she fell asleep in under 5 min and stayed asleep for five hours people. I cannot believe how hard this has been on me. It makes me feel like the worst mother, and so selfish and mean. But it will get easier right? It has to.

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