Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Fun

I just completed my first fresh blackberry cobbler. After hubby got home from work I was at my wits end with my fussy Bug. So I loaded up the truck with board planks. A step ladder. Big bowl. Long sleeve shirt. And most importantly beer. Went the 6 miles down our dirt road to where the pavement begins and there is a huge ripe patch of blackberries. I was only gone for an hour and a half but I collected enough sweet berries to make two cobblers and a pie. Plus a little extra so Bug could experience this little piece of heaven for the first time. She's not to sure about all the seeds but she loves the juice. Her whole toothless mouth was black and cute. It's amazing how just that little bit of time by myself was enough to make me miss my family and reset my inner clock. I need to make a habit of taking a little time for myself now and again if only for the fact it makes me a happier mommy to my Bug. And the look of love and adoration on her face when I walk back in the door melts my heart.

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