Friday, September 23, 2011

Sit down, Hold on, and Shut up!

I don't think I drive that fast. But I do come from a long line of race car, motorcycle racer, dare devil drivers. It must just be in my blood. Awhile ago when I was about four or five months preggo with Bug a group of my girlfriends and I were hanging out and it was decided we should all drive the 15 or so miles down to the river to cool off. Not many of my friends had rode with me at this point and the ones who had just smiled assured them I was Pregnant and a good driver and kind of herded the unsuspecting newbies into my crew cab pickup. It was myself and four girls with a dog in the truckbed. Two of the girls are from out of the area. I didn't think that to them our narrow, curvy, steep, somewhat beaten roads are a little intimidating all on their own. I've lived here my whole life. I drive these roads all the time. I know what my truck can and cannot do.( I've pushed the poor thing pretty hard) and I was pregnant. I wasn't going to risk my babys life so to me I was actually going slower then normal. I don't think the girls saw it that way. My manic laughter and sick twisted sense of humor probably wasnt to reassuring either.two miles in we hit the paved road. I rolled down all the Windows and turned up Bob Marley. Completely in my element and confident. Having a great time actually. I start to notice no one is talking or singing along to the music all of them are clutching their seatbelts with white nuckled hands. One is actually starting to silently cry. My front passanger has one foot on the dashboard, both hands on the roof and starts to scream we surrender. We surrender. I had to slow down then. I was laughing so hard I was crying. When we reached our destination everyone tumbles out as fast as they can. Austin looks at me shakes her head and says " dude! I thought I would be safe with the pregnant one!" I don't know why they all found other rides back to the party.

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