Monday, September 26, 2011

The Mamma Cave

Hubby built our very modest home with his own two hands. Just himself no help. Well I painted . And because of budget we have kept thing very simple and low key. Except for the bathtub/shower. Imagine if you will a walk in all black steamy haven. When showering under our dual temp double head shower you are standing in our six foot whirlpool bath tub. Eight pulsating jets of bliss. We have a couple friends that have whirlpool baths or outdoor hot tubs. They never use them. We swore if we were going to put that much money into something we would use it. I took that promise to heart.
The majority of my days I will take a half hour or longer mini vacation. Hubby will watch Bug without complaint and I will take a good book and better microbrew and turn both shower heads as hot as I can stand sit in the tub and let the hot water melt away everything. Drink my beer and yes read a book as the shower steams up more and more.I will be beat red before Hubby reminds me that we have a limited amount of water on hand and I will have to hike a quarter mile straight up hill to pump more in the morning so by evening I can start the whole process over again. it is my guilt escape. I try to explain to Hubby that its a craving from childhood. My parent were broke my whole life. Well honestly they always found enough money for cigerettes, beer, and meth. Just not luxeries like hot water. or a phone. Or food. I think i can count the years they had hot water on one hand. For my whole life. In highschool I spent hours boiling water to fill the tub a couple inches. So a tub like ours. An on-demand hotwater heater and our own spring and water pump. I am in heaven! i would write more but i think I hear my mamma cave calling.

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