Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catching Up

Whew! I was starting to worry I would never find the time and energy to write again. But here I am. So much has happened this month I don't really know where to start. Bug now has three teeth. All bottom front ones. She got them all at the same time. She had every symptom I have ever read that babies get. I'm talking no sleep, cranky, fever of 102, diarrhea, her first ever diaper rash. Basically mommy hell. But I pushed through it, trusted my instincts, ignored all the oh my god your babys sick go to the ER now. And we came through. Bug is also full on crawling. Cruising along anything she can get her hands on. And CLIMBING! Wtf. Only a stubborn child of my loins would try to climb things before she can walk. This means I have spent most waking hours covering light sockets, moving things up a shelf or three, and basically rescuing my girl from whatever perch she gets herself onto. She is also saying a clear mummum now. So freakin cute. Hubby is a little, ok a lot, jealous. His main goal in life is teaching her about dada now. I also tried going back to work and no matter how much water I drank or how often I pumped my milk started drying up. In like 3 days I could only pump 2 ounces total. So I headed to my local health store bought some fenugreek and mothers love more milk plus. I have to take 18 pills a day, my body, urine, and baby smell like maple syrup now (yum in a weird way) but I have more milk then i did before I went to work. Talked it over with Hubby and we aren't ready to wean yet and I don't want to take any chances so I'm back home now for the foreseeable future. But he also has some down time right now so we are getting a lot done on our home. Yippy! Today he put together over half of our new rock fireplace hearth. Beautiful. The rocks were collected from family land while I was over due with Bug. We were hoping the manual labor would push me over the edge. Nope. I also scattered in some of the sea shells he and i collected on our first date. Plus we left a little spot blank and cemented Bugs foot forever onto our mantle. So freakin cute. I am getting sleepy and Bug will wake soon so I will end here for now. I will try to get back here more often.

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  1. Glad you're able to be home with baby if that's where you're happiest. :-) It can definitely be scary when your milk starts to act up before you're ready to start weaning. So glad it looks like your getting it back in order. Good luck. :-)