Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little House on the Hilltop

It's all coming together. I love our little house. I always have. But it was just that little. Maybe even tiny. Hubby built it with his own two hands and we always planned to add on later. The day I found out I was preggo with Bug he started plans. Realistic plans. Doubling our home from a mere 500sq ft to 1000. When I went into labor he had accomplished the shell and Windows. Oh MY WINDOWS! Prisoners have bigger Windows then I in the original house. But I hunted for at least three hours at a window boneyard and found not only matching huge Windows but a sliding glass door as well. So proud! After Bug came he quickly finished all electrical, plumbing, painting and we moved in floors be damned. In the last couple of weeks my wonderful Hubby built a river rock hearth built with rocks we collected trying to push me into labor, sea shells from our first date, and then we cemented bugs foot into the perfect spot. My father in law welded us a gorgeous cast iron fireplace. And then we picked out redwood flooring. He has worked so hard. And our dream is almost complete. Our house grows as our family does. We have provided a stable loving home for our daughter all the while maintain our loving relationship. I dont know how I got so lucky. Maybe soon we will have to plan another addition for a new little Bug, here's to keeping our fingers crossed.

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